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    Working with lovely people
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Hello, I'm Doug Lapsley

Full stack developer, designer and all round good egg


From front end UX design to back end coding, database design and server administration


Relational database design, build, and development.


Walkthroughs, product visualisations, characters, corporate loops and much more


Mobile app development, specialising in games.

Having worked with clients ranging from very large companies to individuals on a wide range of projects, I can turn my hand to coding just about anything. I am very focused, efficient, determined and a hard worker who likes a challenge. I particularly enjoy working with great people to produce great results.

Most notably I co-founded zondle (www.zondle.com), a games-based learning platform (web and mobile) that drew on education and neuroscience research, and that I helped grow to well over a million registered users. I was responsible for all technical aspects of the company, from front end UX, to back end code, database design, maintenance and replication, and server administration. I also handled customer and technical support and social media.

I also co-founded oodlü (oodlu.org). A social enterprise which launched in June 2018. Again, I built this completely from the ground up and currently manage all technical and most marketing aspects of the business.

I get on very well with people, am loyal and, whatever the project, I always want to do the best I can.

What I can do for you :)

I can take care of all web and media elements of your company.

Think of me as a one stop shop for anything multimedia.

Web design

Design, build, host and manage your responsive web presence


Design, build and manage your mobile apps

Print design

Design and create your business identity


Design and build games for web and mobile

Real time systems

Design, build and manage real time communication systems

Web applications

Design, build, deploy and manage complex database driven web applications

Graphics / Animation

Product visualisations, video montages, walkthroughs, character animation and more

Web / Email hosting

Set up and manage your web and email hosting

Social media

Help build your social presence

And much more!

Call me for a chat to discuss your needs

Lovely people

I work with lovely people.

So I want to go to great lengths to make them happy.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Doug for the last 10 years. We have commissioned a number of 3D animation projects over the years and Doug always delivers beyond our expectation. His knowledge of film production is superb, always solving problems that come from the client with ease. Our last project was launching Got Talent, the worlds largest and most successful TV format, on you tube. You can see it here

- David Milnes

“I highly recommend Dougi. He's professional, dedicated to our needs and very easy to work with.”

- Tony Andrews

“I’ve worked with Doug for over ten years, and his skill-set, dedication and attention to detail continue to impress me. He has always been able to implement anything that I’ve needed, and he always builds upon and significantly improves my ideas. Doug is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!”

- Dr Wayne Holmes

“Dougi is not only a very talented developer and designer, he is also one of the most helpful, likable and trust worthy people I have ever met.”

- Graham Bird


Where do I come from, and how did I get here?

Learned the ropes
in a multimedia company doing 3D graphics and animation for corporate events and TV.
Flash application programming, DVD and CD authoring, web development and finally web application and database development.
Founded Citrus Media Ltd.
Many areas covered including database and application development for strengths based occupational psychology,
leading educational game development for Pearson and
graphics and animation for Fremantle Media's 'Got Talent'.
Co-founded zondle.com,
an ed-tech start-up with well over a million users world-wide and an excellent reputuation in the industry.
Built and maintained ALL technical and support aspects of the company from the ground up.
Development with a number of fantastic start-up companies and universities in robotics, AI and Graph database implementations.
Co-founded and launched oodlu.org - Check it out!

The geeky bit

What I can do and how well

  •   Machine learning
  •   Natural language processing
  •   Python
  •   Phaser game development
  •   Web application strategy and design
  •   Mobile app development for iOS, Android
  •   Chrome app development
  •   Angular SPA applications
  •   ASP.NET Web API 2 / Python API development
  •   ASP.NET (VB / C#)
  •   Classic ASP
  •   SQL Server
  •   Neo4j Graph Database
  •   HTML
  •   JavaScript
  •   JQuery
  •   AJAX
  •   Bootstrap
  •   PubNub / Scale Drone / Firebase real time systems
  •   CSS
  •   SASS
  •   LESS
  •   Lua
  •   Windows server administration
  •   SQL server replication
  •   Dynamic PDF generation
  •   Relational / Graph database design
  •   2D image manipulation (Photoshop / Fireworks / Lightroom)
  •   3D graphics and animation
  •   Compositing (After Effects / Premiere)
  •   DVD / CD Authoring
  •   Print design
  •   iOS, Android, Kindle Fire HD and Nook Mobile App development (Ionic framework)
  •   Photography
  •   Audio processing (clipping, noise reduction, file compression, effects etc)
  •   Video encoding
  •   Unity3D (games/3D interactive product demonstrations)

Sample work

Got Talent

client: 2Create

Contact me

I'd love to speak with you about how I can help you.

So just get in touch and we can get cracking :)

+44 7765 403 197